Hey there friend,

Welcome to my public portfolio.

There’s so much to talk about but it’s probably best that you just click around and see what I’m all about.

Theatre (live and digital)

Featured are my most current projects.

For a full list of my theatrical work please visit the link below


Media Director

UGA Mainstage production


I served as head media designer for this production. Have a look.

2020 Dramatic Media Thesis Production “By Our Hands”


The Rosetta Project (August 2017-November 2019)

click the video below for more details

Rosetta project described
Rosetta project animation


I love discovering new ways media tech can be used to communicate big ideas

Winning entry to the 2020 4’33” UGA arts research contest


I was always a fan of animation, but these last four years at UGA have allowed me to become a producer of animated content as well.

3D animation reel from past projects

2D animation reel from past projects

3D commercial made for a New Orleans base dry cleaners


Below are some of the projects I have created exclusively for the web

X_Story App Development

Come see the latest in what I’m doing to help create a more inclusive community through photographic media.

Cutting Edge Improv

Take a look at some programming I did to allow the audience to take part in improv. shows.

A Virtual tour of the 2021 UGA Designer’s Showcase


Commercial website built for an artisanal jewelry craftsperson


A WordPress News page build by yours truly