Major Projects for Rich Media Production

X_story: ghosting the present

This app has been in development for the last year and thanks to Rich Media production I finally have a rough beta version of my vision. I want to create an online environment where users can explore the geographic locations where historical photos were taken, not just online, but to visit them in person. The app should also allow users to share the historic photos and locations they have as well.

When a user visits these spots I want them to have the ability to take a photo in the exact location as the original then edit themselves into the original photo.

The big picture: I want people to imagine themselves into the history that haunts our geography and architecture. I want users to feel like an equal and contributing heir to the history of the community where they find themselves. I want them to see themselves as an integral voice (and body) in the present landscape. Finally I want users to help inspire a community to imagine a better future.

Charlayne Hunter attempts to attend class at UGA in 1961. She is being blocked and hounded by protestors as she attempts to enter the administration building.This photo was taken by the iconic UGA “Arch” which could be used to line up the shot.

The arch today taken with the X_story app. The original photo (above) was used to line up the shot. The app developer is featured here in the photo.

Here is a simulation of what the app will eventually produce for users of X_story.

Midterm: Step one

This portion of the development process helped to create a geography based platform where users can explore locations of historic photo shoots and add to the database for future users.

Final: Step two

This portion is at the heart of creating a user experience which allows them to feel the connection they share with communal history. The app features a camera which has interchangeable overlays so a new photo can be aligned with an old one.