Final JavaScript Projects:


The aim of this project is to create media that could be used in an live improvisation based show. Each one of this java based applications can be clicked on and used immediately. Be sure to read the way each app can be used or feel free to come up with your own applications.

Get them away from your home…alone.

Do you remember how Kevin McCalister from “Home Alone” ordered a pizza without letting on that he was home alone during Christmas?

Setup: Your (audience member) are Kevin and a group of highly trained actors are at your door to rob you, convert you to their religion or deliver a pizza. Let the audience vote on why they’re here. It is your job to only answer the actors at the door with dialogue from famous movie scenes. Use the keyboard to play each of the expressions. Your goal is to make the people at your door leave you alone…and leave behind the pizza if they brought any.

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A drawing program for imaginative uses

This is a program that simply allows you to draw for whatever kind of game occurs to you.

Suggestion 1: Play pictionary by asking the audience to write suggestions on a slip of paper and use the app to draw the items out in 60 seconds or less.

Suggestion 2: Create an improvised scene in front of a projection of this app. The audience member draw out the environment the actors are in. When the drawing changes the actors must adapt their scenes accordingly.

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Get ready to cut loose!

Setup: a group of actors are creating a scene where a strange dance class is in progress. Everyone has joined to learn to dance like Kevin Bacon. You, audience member, are in charge of playing, reversing, replaying and fast forwarding whenever the “dance teacher” requests it. The “dancers” must try to re-perform everything you play for them. So be kind.

…Or don’t.

Whatever is funnier.🤷🏻‍♂️

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Mix the video you want for real time FX

Create a scene where actors are being digitized into a white void.

Or there colors are being split into three dimensions

Or there are trails of light because you ate the wrong mushrooms.

You get the point. Make FX and explain them with an improvised scene.

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In the event your browser has issues giving permission to your computer’s camera, here is a copy to download. Just drag the file “index.html” into your browser and it should work.

Accommodations for people with hearing loss.

Have you wanted to make sure your shows are accessible to those who may not be able to hear your actors? Real Time Subtitles can projected anywhere and give you a real time text for what each actor is saying.

This works especially well for live formats where you can’t pre-type the script (i.e. improvisation…duh!)

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In the event your browser has issues giving permission to your microphone, here is a copy to download. Just drag the file “index.html” into your browser and it should work.

Whaaat, all this AND an instructional video?

Get out!

Watch a video of me talking and stuff.

Reflection on the Project

This is mainly meant for my professor, John Weatherford, but you’re welcome to have a look too.

We have no secrets here.

Even though it’s all written in CODE…

Bwah hahahaha.

😳 Dad Joke!

Do have any ideas about how digital media could be used to play improv. games?

Or would you like to use this technology at a future show?

Just email your show ideas to JWH Dramatic Media Designs at the following link and I’ll be in touch.