About Me

I have two loves of my life and when I can be present with both I am the happiest I can be.

First, my family, consisting of Beini, Cervantes (17 y.o.) and Kai (9 y.o.) are the humans with whom like to share everything I have. Beini is a PhD. in Consumer Psychology and is currently a marketing analyst. Cervantes is a junior at St. Johns High school and has already built his first pc from scratch. Kai is an aspiring soccer/football player and the best joke teller ever.

Second, my art and career: Theatre. Since I was an athlete in middle school I knew the reason I was playing basketball had more do with the audience than it did the sport itself. It wasn’t until my undergraduate college experience at Central Michigan University that I discovered my true passion was communicating with a live audience. Since then all my academic and professional pursuits would revolve around sharing everything I love about the world of theatre on stage, online or in front of a classroom.

This particular phase of my life is completing a PhD in performance studies which focuses on the reenactment of historical events for an audience using augmented reality. I dream of a future where we can use our personal technologies to unearth the layers of history that exist within our own communities and have helped to make us who we are. There’s just enough action, drama, history and hauntings in this research to give me goosebumps daily.