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Before the Hedges

Team photo of first UGA football team in 1892
Imagine bringing the game that started it all
    back to life
    on the site where it originally happened.

Before the Hedges is an augmented reality experience that will transport you back to January 30th, 1892. Once you find your way to UGA's Herty Field, your mobile device will become a window into a time when football was barely recognizable as the sport we know today. You will walk around the grounds and see the post reconstruction buildings as they were before the turn of the century. You can survey the landscaping and trees from the period. You can walk among the fans, players and coaches, listening to their conversations, plays called on the field and the crunch of padless tackles. Come to Herty field and watch UGA play Mercer College in UGA's first football game...Before the Hedges.