Discoveries made during the collecting of archival pieces from UGA Special Collections.

Building the Toolbox

"Moment Work" done with the ensemble during Maymester 2019.


Photography from the University of Georgia's 2019 and Spelman College's 2020 production

Press Releases

Press releases about the GIPP and By Our Hands

Georgia Incarceration Performance Project intro. film

UGA Special Collections

The Special collections library made up the largest portions of archival material for the media in this show.

Archival material repurposed

a small team of graduate and undergraduate students helped to animate political cartoons, edit archival footage and animate text to use during the introduaction and throughout the show.

Features from my 2020 MFA Thesis

PROJECTING HISTORY IN REAL TIME: Devising media for the Georgia Incarceration Performance Project

The discoveries made in this project made a huge impact in how I design media today.

There is such large potential for using archival media as a vehicle for storytelling and social change that I cannot wait to share.

Lock used for prison chain gangs

Working with Archival Materials

"I was often left to wonder how I would ever be able to create the same feeling within an audience about these objects that we had during those early classes."

  • Tactile Objects
  • Graphic Documents
  • Photographs
  • Text
  • Video & Audio Media

Embodied Research

"How exactly do [we] put emotion back into the inanimate objects of this felt history?"

  • The Representational
  • Textual Interactivity
  • Dramatic Easeling
  • Spotlight Reading
  • Silhouetting
Actor being filmed by a tablet

Innovation Through Moment Work

"Devising is about thinking, conceiving, and forming ideas, being imaginative and spontaneous, as well as planning. It is about inventing, adapting, and creating what you do as a group."

-Allison Odey "Devising Theatre"

  • Isadora controlled media
  • Live feed solutions
  • Architecture based projection
  • Interactive text and animation
  • Immersive environments

The Conference of Southern Graduate Schools and ProQuest

granted an award in the "non-traditional thesis" category

"Your project exemplifies the research skill, independent and creative thought, and clarity of expression that one would expect of the recipient of this award"

-Dr. Cathy Pagani (University of Alabama Professor and Chair of the CSGS Oustanding Thesis Award)

"This thesis project makes a significant contribution to digital performance practices, documenting a highly accomplished and effective use of media in live theatre that represents the highest professional, technical, and artistic standards."

-Dr. David Saltz (University of Georgia Department of Theatre Chair)